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This site uses a stat system to determine a character's strengths and weaknesses. Our site however is lenient and we use the stats to just give a good idea of how good a character is. It is more so just an estimate to one's power and helps the players get a gist of their character and opponent. The stats simply show the difference in power between two characters and how they should go about the fight with each other. These stats are NOT strict and are just guidelines to help out.

Chakra System

Chakra is energy that is created when one's physical energy and spiritual energy is combined. Chakra is life energy that all individuals produce to some degree, those who run out of chakra will die. Produced within the chakra coils that mainly surround and connect to each chakra-producing organ, the energy circulates throughout the body in a network called the Chakra Pathway System. Certain groups, such as shinobi, have learned to generate more chakra and release it outside their bodies through pressure points called tenketsu, in order to perform jutsu. Chakra is not normally visible to the human eye, though it can be seen in situations where a person releases as much of their chakra as possible. Through various methods, the most common of which is hand seals, chakra can be controlled and manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise, such as walking on water, exhaling fire, or creating illusions. Chakra is ordinarily not visible to the unaided eye unless it is highly concentrated or manifested in large amounts. Unlike the other stats, the Chakra System must be followed entirely.

Base Chakra Reserves
Academy Student- 30
Genin- 80
Chunin- 160
Jonin- 280
Anbu+- 400

These are the base chakra reserves for every new character, without the given boosts from clans or jinchuriki.

Chakra Costs
D-rank Jutsu: 10
C-rank Jutsu: 20
B-rank Jutsu: 40
A-rank Jutsu: 80
S-rank Jutsu: 120
SS-rank Jutsu: 200
SSS-rank Jutsu: 300

Training For Chakra
Training for chakra is more difficult than training for jutsu. It is usually increased by meditation, but there are other ways as well. Below is a list of the amount of words it costs to build up your character's chakra.

When Training For Chakra Of An Extra,
0-20: 1,500 words per training
20-80: 2,000 words per training
80-200: 2,500 words per training
200+: 3,000 words per training

Each Training rewards the player with an extra 10 chakra points. Chakra Training can only be done 2x a week.

Health System

Health is the amount of damage your character can take. The more you train in health, the more you can withstand without getting hurt. Health also measures how much damage your body can withstand. Unlike all the other stats on this site, Health works entirely as a tier system, not a stat system.

Tier 0: Everyone starts with this tier. Can only take a few punches before going down.
Tier 1: A good amount of blows will take you down. 400 Words.
Tier 2: It will take a couple of combos to take you down. 600 Words.
Tier 3: Someone at average strength will take a while to knock you out. 800 Words.
Tier 4: Someone strong will have to be the one to knock you out. 1000 Words.
Tier 5: You can take severe damage without passing out. 1,200 Words.
Tier 6: You can take devastating blows without being defeated. 1,500 Words.
Tier 7: It takes powerful blows to bring damage to you. 2,000 Words.


Strength is how strong your character is physically. This goes from how hard a character can hit, to how much they can lift. Strength is important when it comes to Taijutsu or any other kind of physical technique. This measures the character's physical abilities when it comes to doing damage or picking something up.

Max Lift
1-50 Strength: Lifting up your own weight.
50-100 Strength: Lifting up 2x your own weight.
100-200 Strength: Lifting a boulder.
200-400 Strength: Lifting a large boulder.
400+ Strength: Lifting up a building.

1-50 Strength: Normal of an average person.
50-100 Strength: A good amount of damage can be received from your blows
100-200 Strength: You can cause bruising with each hit.
200-400 Strength: Now you crack bones with your strikes.
400+ Strength: Have fun shattering bones with your physical attacks.

Training for Strength
Training for 1 point in Strength is 200 words.


Speed is how fast your character can move around. This can be from striking, to charging, to even evading attacks from opponents. Keep in mind that your character can move faster by running forward than jumping, or other acrobatic things like backhand springs or cart wheels.

Max Speed
1-25 Speed: Around 20 mph.
25-50 Speed: Around 40 mph.
50-100 Speed: Around 80 mph.
100-200 Speed: Around 160 mph.
200-400 Speed: Around 320 mph.
400+ Speed: Around 640 mph.

Training For Speed
Training for 1 point in speed is 100 words.

Blood System

The Blood System is how much blood your character has. As of now there is no way to increase your blood. Blood amounts go by age. Blood can be sacrificed for Kinjutsu techniques, as well as some Taijutsu. Like Chakra, this stat has to be followed closely.

Blood Reserves
Ages 1-16: 250
Ages 16+: 500

Blood Loss
Small Cuts: -10 (-5 per post)
Cuts: -15 (-5 per post)
Piercing: -20 (-10 per post)
Gash: -50 (-25 per post)
Missing Limb/Organ: -100 (-75 per post)
Vital Area: Death

Effects Of Blood Loss
1/4 Blood Loss: Fatigue
1/2 Blood Loss: Dizziness, -1/2 stats
3/4 Blood Loss: Unconciousness
Total Blood Loss: Death
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